Hello, I’m Lucy!

I’m a Personal Trainer based in Hampstead/Belsize Park (NW3) & Richmond (TW).

I’m also a self-proclaimed foodie, a shameless wino (Malbec if you’re wondering) and a complete coffee snob.

Now this is the bit where I’m supposed to tell you all about my qualifications and professional achievements but let’s be honest – no one really cares! Instead, I’m going to tell you a little bit about my story and why I started all this.

So here goes…

For over a decade, I battled with eating disorders, depression and body dysmorphia. Pinning my entire self-worth on my appearance, I hated how I looked and made myself and everyone else around me very unhappy. I followed every fad diet, copied every exercise plan and swallowed every pill (ahem, lie) found in the latest edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

But after 10 years of this, I eventually came to question my lifestyle. I thought ‘this can’t be it. There HAS to be another way’. And sure enough, there was. Or shall I say, there IS.

So slowly but surely and over a period of 5-6 years, I made a truly remarkable transition. I stopped reading Cosmopolitan and instead, signed up to Sport Science journals. I quit believing the stories I was telling myself and instead, and challenged my very own engrained habits. I refused to settle for the bulls**t women are subject to on a daily basis and instead, learned to question everything.

And then it struck me. I wanted to help other women do the exact same thing. Other women who like I once did… Feel stuck, unworthy and ‘less than’. Women who wonder if there’s an alternative to the lifestyle hamster wheel. Women who are desperate to love themselves and their bodies and be unapologetically confident in doing so!

So if you can resonate with ANY of that…Then I personally invite you to stick around. Cos you’re in for one hell of a ride. And not just with me, but with our entire community of bad-ass Chicas who are ready and waiting to see the best of you.

Welcome to our tribe.

Love Luce xo

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