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Avocados, hummus, carrot sticks, almonds and runny eggs worthy of that Instagram #double-tap…

Organic this, grass fed that, no sugar this, gluten free that…


And to top it all off, you pride yourself for it too!

If you’re the more casual type, you may tell people that you’ve ‘been good today’.

Or if you’re anything like I was (i.e. the more neurotic type) you’ll take it as far as thinking you’re better than anyone else for your food choices and eating habits.

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Now tell me if this sounds familiar…

There you are, in your local whole foods store, searching for that magical baking flour that will poof all your eating woes away…

> Expecting it to cost £845.

> Dreading that it will taste like Ghandi’s flip-flop.

> Anticipating that it will just fuel a binge 3 days later anyway.

But maybe (just mayyybeeeee) there’s a little monster lurking in your thoughts going…

‘Is this faff all that necessary?’

‘Is this what healthy eating really looks like?’

In short… No and no. But keep reading to find out why 🙂

What saddens me deeply is the amount of women I see that are endlessly searching for that magic pill or potion to solve all their problems.

They program hop from one ‘thing’ to the next, they invest all their time, effort and energy into a single miraculous cure and expect it to just ‘work’…

Only to quickly find themselves back on the hamster wheel of dietary doom.

If that ^^ sounds like you… Then I would like you to stop for just 3 seconds and ask yourself the following questions:

“If it really existed, wouldn’t have I already found it? And if I perceive to have found it why am I still looking?”

And so in response to those exact questions, here are 2 reasons why you have landed on this very blog, reading this very line whilst looking for yet another ‘thing’.

Reason #1 – You’re searching for ‘perfect’.

If I were to ask you to imagine a diet or a way of eating that you had to stick to forever, what would it look like?

A 70% whole food to ‘junk food’ majority? That Friday night takeaway with your partner? A glass of wine after a stressful day at work?

Cool, awesome and damn straight.

My point is this: Imperfect consistency, over and over, far outweighs momentary bursts of black and white, all or nothing, the saint or the devil.

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Reason #2 – You’re dismissing context.

That extra cupcake you had on Tuesday – does it really matter by Friday when you’ve been to the gym, taken the dogs out and hit your protein and fibre requirements most days?

Similarly, that training session you missed on that god-forsaken day of January 1st – does it really matter on the 15th March when you’ve worked out 3 times a week since?

The culprit here lies in our perception of what constitutes ‘failure’ – chances are you haven’t actually failed at anything.

Your willingness to see that, accept it and carry on as normal is what prevents things from spiralling out of control thereafter.

Love Luce xo

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