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Nut butter.

Gummy protein concoctions.

‘Pushing the carbs to the bootay’.

With cable kickbacks.

And post weekend binge fuel (sorry, I meant acts of ‘balance’).

#WCW and #MondayMotivation errrrweeeekkkkk

*enter picture of chemically assisted fitness model here*

Sound familiar?

Good, keep reading cos this article has been written especially for you…

By someone just like you 🙂

For a period of 18 months, I was engaged in all things FITNESS. 6-week workout plans, 12-week diet plans, post workout carbs this, protein windows that.

I hired a coach, I trolled social media daily and even changed my Facebook cover photo to ‘eat clean, train dirty’ (I’m cringing as I type btw).

My whole day would revolve around my workout time. My whole week would be consumed by food prep, shopping and ‘planning’.

I took it far as getting pissy with my family for visiting me (they live 8 hours away and see me 3 times a year) cos well… it ruined my schedule.

The worst bit?

I prided myself on my new found calling.

Internally, I thought it made me a better person. Externally, I judged those who couldn’t relate (and then felt judged for being in the minority ha).

So much so that anyone who didn’t ‘get it’… I viewed as beneath me.

In other words…

I became a #FitSnob of the highest order.

If you’ve gotten as far as reading this line, you know exactly what I’m talking about and are (maybe) starting to itch in your seat a little.

So let me ask you…

How would you like to know what the magazines won’t show you and what the fitness models won’t tell you…

But should you have nailed will take you from guilt ridden #InstaDreamer to finally feeling enough?


Now let’s get started with the 3 reasons why ‘fitness’ is ruining you.

#Fitspo is just another fad.

We perceive that because fitness is ‘good’ for us… That more = better.

Kinda like when you read one of those BS articles that quote ‘a glass of red wine is good for the heart’ so you drink the whole bottle in a bid to multiply its effect (and justify a binge while you’re at it too).

Of course, it doesn’t work like that.

And it’s exactly the same in fitness.

You see, trying to ‘go hard or go home’ is no less of a fad than a soup diet or juice cleanse.

And telling yourself (plus shouting to the rest of the world) that your extremist fitness pursuits are in the name of ‘health’…

Makes them no less of a quick fix approach than throwing shit at the wall and hoping that it will stick.

Which brings me nicely to my second point…

#Fitspo is just another cover up.

Whilst my 18-month fitness craze provided me with a stepping stone following 15 years of self-abuse…

At best, it was merely a physical one.

In other words, it provided me with the tools to re-sculpt my physique and to gain some much needed strength and muscle tissue.

But in reality…

It got me in to cheat meals and all or nothing eating.

It caused me anxiety during coaching check ins.

It encouraged me to compare myself to unrealistic standards.

In other words…

#Fitspo re-enforced the same ugly, unhealthy (and frankly destructive) psychological habits but dressed up in a different way.

The bottom line?

Whether it’s a blue plaster or a red band-aid…

It’s still covering up a problem!

And now on to our final point…

#Fitspo disregards the groundwork.

The self-scrutiny when you look in the mirror even if you’ve worked out.

The food punishment and pre qualification despite hitting your macros.

All the things that technically shouldn’t be there…

Are not only very much present, but frankly, at an all time high.

In other words…

Your psychology sucks.

The solution?

Something that is at the core of my whole lifestyle philosophy and even takes pride and place on my website home page…

“Get your mind right FIRST and the rest will follow”.

Re-align your intentions.

Re-shape your self perceptions.

#Fitspo can wait (and in my very biased opinion, go f itself).

You’ll thank me 😉

Love Luce xo


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